Toronto Downsview drive test

Toronto Downsview Drive Test Centre Near Me, Ontario

Toronto Downsview Drive Test Centre, located in Central Ontario, provides different license classes. This includes knowledge tests and road tests for all license classes as well. The Drive Test Toronto Downsview is responsible for providing these services and conducting the test on behalf of the Ministry Of Transportation (MTO).

Regarding Knowledge tests, these are written exams that determine the driver’s knowledge of road rules and signs. Knowledge tests consist of about 40 MCQs require to pass a driver’s license. Official driver’s (MTO) handbooks are the best option to practice for the Knowledge test. Road Tests are practical driving exams in which the driver has to show his practical driving skills. 

Toronto Downsview Drive Test Centre

The centre provides multiple services regarding license or test exams. They follow certain criteria relevant to transportation services. They also have certified trainers that will evaluate your driving skills. Main goal of the drive test centre is to provide driving licenses or permits to drivers. The centre ensures that the drivers are qualified enough to get their licenses by conducting these tests. 

Tests Offered

Following are some of the tests offered by Toronto Downsview drive test:

Class A

Class A driver’s license allows drivers to drive motor vehicles that weigh more than 26000 pounds or tow over 10,000 pounds. Class A license allows you to drive Tractor-trailers, Tanker vehicles, etc. Depending on the endorsement requirements, you can also drive Class B and Class C vehicles. 

Class B

Class B driving license is for unhitched vehicles that weigh more then 26000 pounds. This includes motor vehicles like Straight trucks, Large buses, Segmented buses, Box trucks, or Dump trucks with small trailers. Class B license also allows you to drive some vehicles of class C but with the correct endorsements.

Class C

With a class C license, drivers are allowed to operate vehicles that can carry hazardous material. This license is required to drive a GVWR of less than 26,000 pounds. With a Class C license you can drive Double/Triple Trailers, Buses, HazMat Vehicles, etc. 

Class D

Class D license is for truck drivers, and the Toronto Downsview drive test can help you in getting the driving license. In Canada, a Class D license is for motor vehicles that exceed 11,000 kg. You can also drive tractor-trailer combination vehicles if the weight of the towed vehicle is less than 4,600 kg.

Class E

Class E license is for individuals who wants to drive school buses. In this driving licnese maximum range of passengers is 24. Along with this, Class E also allows you to drive Class F vehicles too.

Class F

Class F is basically for ambulance or any regular bus but make sure the maximum limit of passenger is 24. So taht’s why you need class F toronto downsview driving license. 

Z Endorsement

Z endorsement is a necessary requirement if you are interested in operating vehicles with air brakes. For an air-over-hydraulic brake system, you also need AZ endorsement. Ontario’s Official Air Brake Handbook is best for practising the Z endorsement test.

Class G

This Class G license refers to the full non-probationary driver’s license for driving passenger vehicles. Class G allows you to drive a car, van, or small truck. To get a full Class G license, you need to clear the Class G1 and G2. 

Class M

Class M driving license is curical for motorcycle drivers. For Class M, you need to clear M1 and M2 classes. 

How Can Gclass Drivers Help You?

Gclass Drivers can help you if you want any services regarding driving or license knowledge. We have experienced driving instructors who will help you improve your driving skills and point out the areas of improvement. Our experts driving instructors will help you transform into responsible and safe drivers. You can learn about defensive driving, parking skills, and other necessary skills required for driving. Our aim is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of pedestrians on roads.


In conclusion, the Toronto Downsview drive test centre plays a necessary role in ensuring the safety of drivers on the roads. Offers a comprehensive range of services, from knowledge tests to practical road tests that assess driving skills. With various license classes available, the Drive Test Centre accommodates diverse driving needs. GClass Drivers are ready to assist in improving your skills, teaching defensive driving techniques, parking, and helps you become a safe driver. In a world where road safety is necessary, the Toronto Downsview Drive Test Centre ultimately makes our roads safer for everyone.