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Learning to drive is the basic step when you want to get your license. Driving lessons can help you improve your driving skills and are essential for becoming a safe driver. Demand for Automatic Driving Lessons is increasing on a daily basis. Most people now prefer automatic cars to avoid the hassle of gear.

Automatic cars have made the driving process much simpler as compared to traditional manual cars. That is why the Automatic Driving Lessons are considered a great investment for beginners who just started driving.

Gears in An Automatic Car

During your Automatic Driving Lessons near you, your instructors will also tell you about the gearboxes an automatic car has. This is necessary to drive an automatic car. Most automatic gearboxes in an automatic car are:

  • Park: The park gear should only be used when the car is stopped or when you are getting out of the car.
  • Reverse: This is the same as in a manual car and should only be used when you have to move the car backwards.
  • Neutral: Neutral is also the same as in manual cars and shouldnt be selected when moving. This is known as coasting and can also be used when you stop for a short time.
  • Drive: When you select the drive gear the car can easily move forward.

How To Drive An Automatic Car?

To drive an automatic car put your right foot on the left pedal which is the brake and push down. Start the car by turning the key or pressing the start button. Now keep your foot on the brake and move the shifter to ‘D’ if you want to go forward) or ‘R’ if you want to reverse.

Release the brake, and the car will start moving slowly. To go faster, gently press your right foot on the right pedal which is the accelerator. Once you’re moving, the car will automatically choose the right gear for you.

Automatic Cars vs Manual Cars 

Before further discussing the automatic driving lessons elts discuss the main differences between automatic car and manual cars: 

Criteria Automatic Cars Manual Cars
Shifting Gears Changes gears automatically Requires manual shifting of gears
Ease of Driving Easier to drive, especially in heavy traffic Requires more coordination and skill
Maintenance Generally higher maintenance costs.. Generally lower maintenance costs
Fuel Efficiency. Slightly lower fuel efficiency Can be more fuel-efficient if driven carefully
Initial Cost Often more expensive to buy Generally less expensive to buy
Driving Experience Smoother driving experience Offers more control and engagement
Resale Value May have a higher resale value May have a lower resale value

Importance of Automatic Driving 

Following points will explain the importance of automatic driving:

  • It’s a simpler process and drivers don’t have to go through the gear hassle.
  • Drivers don’t have to worry about the possibility of stalling and neither about going down the hill.
  • Allows greater control as you can keep both hands on the wheel.
  • Another main advantage of automatic driving is that drivers can gain increased confidence as they don’t have to deal with clutch..
  • By taking automatic driving lessons you can easily become familiar with the controls. 

Pros & Cons of Automatic Car

Automatic driving lesson instructors can teach you a lot. Till now you must have understood why automatic lessons are important. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of automatic car as well:

Pros of Automatic Cars Cons of Automatic Cars
Easier to drive, especially in heavy traffic Generally cost more to purchase and maintain
Smooth and convenient shifting, especially for long commutes Slightly lower fuel efficiency compared to manuals
Reduces driver fatigue, making driving more comfortable Limited manual control for specific driving preferences..
Offers a simpler learning curve for new drivers Repairs can be more complicated and costly
Resale value may be higher Initial purchase price can be higher

Why To Choose Glass Drivers?

If you are learning to drive from scratch, then Gclass Drivers are the best option for you. Different automatic crash courses can help you a lot in improving your skills.

These automatic driving crash courses will be helpful to you when you drive on the road. Our automatic car instructors are experienced enough to guide you through the whole process. 

Along with this, a female automatic driving instructor will also be at your service if you face any issues. We also offer affordable and cheap automatic driving lessons so that you don’t have to worry about your budget.

Our automatic driving lessons prices will surely match your budget. Also, our auto-driving lessons are given by the best automatic driving instructors, so you don’t have to worry about your safety. 


To conclude, Automatic Driving Lessons are necessary if you are learning to drive an automatic car. Automatic driving lessons crash courses are best for beginner drivers. Auto-driving lessons can surely improve your confidence and will help you in better handling of your car. 

Learning to drive is an essential step towards obtaining a license, and mastering the skills through driving lessons is crucial for becoming a safe driver. Simplifying the driving process, automatic cars have gained importance due to their convenience and ease of operation. 

Understanding the functionalities of automatic gearboxes, such as ‘Park,’ ‘Reverse,’ ‘Neutral,’ and ‘Drive,’ is fundamental during these lessons. Along with this, Gclass Drivers will also help you in your learning process.

Our experienced drivers will help you and will give you the experienced advice that you need. So get ready to embrace the journey towards becoming a confident and skilled driver with the expertise and support of Gclass Drivers.


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