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Still Not Finding The Answer To Your Question? Reach Us

Still Not Finding The Answer To Your Question? Reach Us

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We know that every driver comes to us with differing abilities and needs, as well as various levels of experience. At G-Class Drivers, we tailor your lessons to your individual requirements to enable you to learn at your own pace.

Lessons are a minimum of one hour. A double lesson may be booked if required. An advantage of a double lesson is a more efficient use of time by allowing more practice in varying traffic conditions.

At G-Class Drivers, we will always endeavour to cater to your availability wherever possible. Lessons can begin as early as 7:30 am and as late as 7 pm, seven days a week.

Yes. You can start with half of the course payment as your registration fee on the first day of the In class. The balance must be paid before the start of the in-car lessons. Please note that the payment has to be either cash or cheque. Please keep visiting our website for updates and online discount coupons.

No. If it is your first time attempting the G2 test, you should have already paid your fees when you got your G1 licence. The course package covers the 10 hours of in-car instruction, 20 hours of In class instruction and the certification costs. Any extra fees are the responsibility of the student.

Yes! We understand that things happen that may cause students to miss class, but if you miss a day, you must make it up by contacting us through email. We will offer you the upcoming dates for the missed class and work with you to find something that works!

You will be certified once you have completed the program. Completing the program means finishing both the 20 hours In class as well as the 10-hour in-car. You can not be certified if only one of these is completed.

Once you complete both portions of our certificate course, we will certify you online. Approximately 24-hours later, your student driver record will be updated through the Ministry of Transportation to show that you have completed the course. To get proof that you’ve completed the course, you need to get your Driver’s Licence History. You can request it at any ServiceOntario Office or by mail. A Driver’s Licence History can only be requested by the licence holder.

You can make a request with your assigned instructor to book a test for you. Otherwise, if you are located in Ontario, you can schedule your road test either: Online at
On the phone: 1-888-570-6110

Yes! It will be an extra rental fee that varies depending on which test center your test is scheduled for.

Before completing our certification course, you can book your G2 test 1 year from the date your G1 was issued. Once you complete our Beginner’s Education course, you will be able to book your G2 test only 8 months from the date your G1 was issued.

Yes! If you feel like you need more lessons after your 10 hours are completed, we have a large variety of extra packages that we can offer to help you.

Yes! Although you will not complete your in-car lessons until after you obtain a G1, we can get you started with your In class lessons as they can also aid your learning for your G1 test. You have a year from the start of your In class lessons to complete the package, so as long as it is within that time frame postponing your in-car lessons should not be a problem.

Yes! We do our best to accommodate any and all needs of our students when possible.

Yes! Discounts vary depending on the size of the groups; the bigger the number of students, the more discounts each student receives.

Still Not Finding The Answer To Your Question? Reach Us

Still Not Finding The Answer To Your Question? Reach Us

Join Our Driving Courses, Call us