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Manual Driving lessons, Process, Benefits (2023)

If you take manual driving lessons Ottawa, then it will not be difficult for you to drive anywhere. Although driving a manual car is difficult compared to an automatic, it’s not impossible. The basic thing you need to learn is to manage the process of gears. 

Along with familiarizing yourself with the clutch, the gear stick is also very important. You need to know about what gear to change at what speed. If you want to learn to drive a manual car then our simple guide can help you.

Parts of Manual Car

Before manual driving lessons, you need to know the basic parts of a manual car. This will help you while driving. Following are the main parts of a manual car that you need to know during your manual driving lessons:   


Shifter or gear is mostly located in the middle of the passenger and driver seats. You have to change and select the desired gear while driving. While driving, you will have to change from first to second or third gear, and so on, depending on the speed. Reverse and neutral gears are also presnet in a manual car.

Clutch Pedal

The Clutch pedal is on the left side next to the brake, operated by your left foot. Clutch pedal is mainly controlled by hydraulics. If the clutch pedal is upward, the manual transmission will be connected to the engine. Due to this, the vehicle is receiving power, and you can’t change the gear. But when the clutch is in a downward position, the car is not receiving power, so you can change gears.


The handbrake is generally located in the center console and is operated by hand. Sometimes, the handbrake is located at the bottom near the floor to be operated by foot. But do not confuse the parking brake with the brake pedal. 

Both are different; the handbrake is used when the car is in neutral and the brake is not pressed. This keeps the vehicle from moving backward and keeps the car stationary.  

How To Drive a Manual Car?

Best Manual driving lessons Toronto can help you greatly if you want to excel in driving. Following are some of the points that will help you drive a manual car:

  • After sitting in the car, you first need to put on your seat belt. 
  • Put the key in the ignition and start the vehicle’s engine. 
  • Put your left foot on the clutch and press it down. 
  • Now, you need to move the gear stick into first gear.
  • After this, you must put your right foot on the accelerator and slowly press it
  • Move left foot gently on the clutch until it slowly starts vibrating. The vibration is called the “bite point.”
  • Put the gear stick to the Reverse gear if required and release the handbrake. The car will slowly start to move slowly.
  • Remove your foot from the clutch pedal slowly until the car can move on the accelerator pedal. 
  • Do remember that if you remove your foot from the clutch pedal quickly, the car will stall and turn off. 
  • If this happens, apply the brakes, turn the engine on, and repeat the above process..
  • When the speed increases, you need to change the gear as required. 

How To Avoid Damaging the Clutch?

During your manual driving license, Hamilton, you will also be taught to avoid damaging your clutch. With time, you will learn how to handle the car’s clutch and know where the car’s bite point is. Over time, you will understand how many revs you need to give the car to move off. 

If you are not careful, your car’s clutch can wear out in no time, which could cost you a fortune. Although it does sound complicated, all you need is practice. 

Manual driving lesson tips can help you avoid damaging your clutch. Remember not to use a clutch to hold your car at hills or junctions. If you are at a junction or in traffic, use hand brakes instead of putting your foot on your clutch pedal. Try to keep revs to a minimum, as it causes unnecessary wear on clutch plates.

How Many Gears Does a Manual Car Have?

Years ago, manual cars had four gears, but nowadays, most cars have at least five gears. Although some cars also have six gears, which is becoming increasingly popular. With the sixth gear, it’s easy for the engines to run more during motorway cruising. This, in return, also reduces fuel consumption and saves money.

Benefits of Driving a Manual Car

Driving a manual car has a lot of advantages over the automatic car. Manual driving lessons can greatly improve your driving skills. Following are some of the benefits of driving a manual car: 

Lower Price

Manual transmission cars are a lot cheaper as compared to the automatic transmission cars. Due to fewer moving parts manual cars cost less. If you want to buy a car and are on a tight budget, then it’s better to buy a manual car.

Better Gas Mileage

When you drive a manual transmission car, you are in charge of the car. You shift the gears depending on the requirement, deciding how much power you want to send to the engine. For instance, when you are going down the hill you can change the gear to neutral, thus saving fuel.   

Lower Repair Cost

There are fewer parts in manual transmission cars as compared to automatic cars. That is why the repair costs will also be lower. 

How Can GClass Drivers Help You?

With experienced instructors, “GClass Drivers” driving school can provide you with the best manual driving lessons. Our trained and experienced instructors will guide you till the end. They will help you improve your driving skills and will also identify improvements you need. Our driving school manual can help you improve your skills. Learning to drive a manual car needs practice and time. Our instructors can help you, so what’s the wait for? Contact Gclass Drivers if you want to learn to drive a manual car.


To conclude, manual driving lessons can effectively increase your driving skills. If you want to drive a car manually, then getting these lessons is necessary. You will also learn about the basic parts of a car, which include clutch, gear, and hand brakes. Learning about these 3 is necessary before driving a manual car. This manual car also has a lot of advantages over the automatic transmission car. Gclass Drivers are here for your help till the end. From the very start of driving a car to the end of getting your license, you will get all the help you need from us. So what are you waiting for?

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