international driving license

International Driving License Process in Canada

Buckle up to explore the world as your international driving license is the gateway to new views. An driving license is the first and foremost thing to travel from one country to another. The driving permit idp is a special license that gives permission to drive vehicles in global traffic. It is proof that the holder possesses a valid driver’s license by a competent authority. 

International Driving License 

An International Driving Permit (IDP) is often known as an international driving license. Some countries require travelers to carry a special driving permit and their regular driving license. 

This license is a translated version of a domestic driving license allowing the holder to drive a private motor vehicle. 

The IDP is an official translation of your Provincial driver’s license in more than ten languages. With this license, you can travel in foreign countries or jurisdictions that accept the document. 

In Canada, the Canadian international driving permit idp verifies that you hold a valid canadian driver’s license

A Canadian provincial license will lead you towards an international driving license permit. In Canada, only the CAA has the authority to issue IDPs under the United Nations mandate.

Benefits of an International Driving Permit

There are several benefits of international driving permit, some of them are as follows:

Rent a car 

You can rent a car in 150+ countries with an international driving permit IDP. Most international car rental agencies ask for an international driving license even if it is not required. 

Freedom to Drive Legally 

The issued license of international driving permit ensures that you can drive legally without any legal issues while traveling overseas. 


Enjoy multiple trips with an extended validity period of an international driving permit. It is a cost-effective option for travelers who avoid obtaining a new IDP.  

Translation in 10 languages

An International driving permit is a translation of an official canadian driving license, it can help you communicate in different countries. 

Requirements To Apply For An IDP

  • For a canadian driving permit, you should be more than 18 years of age 
  • A valid provincial or territorial driver’s license
  • An IDP application form 
  • 2 Passport type photos
  • Money for paying the fee 

Application Process For An International Driving Permit

For an international driving license you may apply in person or soft form by mail. However, you can get an IDP application form from that store of your location or may download them online. 

  1. The completed application form (The address written on the form should be the same as on the driver’s license)
  2. Two passport-size photos are 5 cm wide by 7cm high.
  3. The photocopy of both sides of your valid driver’s license.
  4. Mail the following package on the given mail. 
  5. For contact, you must provide a telephone number. 
  6. A fee will be charged, so you may pay by following the methods
    •  Cash
    • Credit card
    • Check
    • Postal money order.  

In-store applications can be processed immediately when you visit the store. In the case of email, gaining an IDP takes almost 4-6 weeks. 


An international driving license is called an international driving permit (IDP). It is a translation of a domestic driver’s license available in 10 languages, enabling one to drive a vehicle in foreign countries. 

In Canada, the international driving permit is issued by CAA. Now you can go to over 150 countries as international car rental agencies request. To apply for an IDP, one must be over 18 years old and meet other requirements. An application can be submitted physically or online by email. So, IDP is a cost-effective option for international travelers.