Drivers Abstract Alberta

What’s Drivers Abstract Alberta? Process, Types & Benefits

Want to navigate the roads of Alberta with confidence? Get your hands on a detailed drivers abstract alberta that unveils your driving record and helps you understand your strengths. Along with this you can improve your skills, and ensure a safer journey.

Your driving history holds significant importance in the province of Alberta, Canada. Whether you aspire to secure a driving-related job, or gain insights into your past driving endeavors, Alberta drivers abstract emerges as an invaluable document. Delving into the depths of this article, we will know about driver abstract alberta significance and the process to obtain one. You will also know the multitude of benefits it brings forth.

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What is Driving Abstract Alberta?

The drivers abstract alberta is a formal document that tells all the vital details. It includes information ranging from your license classification, demerit points, instances of traffic violations as well as any license suspensions. You can say that it’s a record of your driving history that is available for a three, five or ten year period.

Types of Alberta Driver’s Abstract 

There are two types of driver’s abstract alberta which can be requested for a period of three, five or ten years. The two types of drivers abstract alberta are as follows:

Standard Drivers Abstract

The standard alberta driver abstract provides information that includes:

  • Drivers personal information which includes the name, issue date, address, and license number etc.
  • Driver’s appearance which includes the height, weight, and sex of the person
  • Suspensions.
  • The current status of the driver’s license is also included
  • Demerit points
  • Conviction information

Commercial Drivers Abstract

With the help of a Commercial Drivers Abstract, employers can assess the safety risks that are associated with the driver. They can know the flaws of the driver before hiring him. Along with this, the Commercial Drivers Abstract contains most of the information that is present in Standard Drivers Abstract. But it does not include the driver’s appearance. However it also contains information about Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspections.

How To Get Drivers Abstract Alberta?

There are two ways by which the driver can get your alberta drivers abstract which are as follows: 

Online Process

To get your Alberta driving abstract online you need to have a verified Alberta account. If you don’t have a verified account you have to sign up for it. The next step after signing in your account is to wait for the activation code.

You will receive a mail of your activation code in 10 business days. Then you can complete the verification process before ordering the driver’s abstract alberta. Getting Alberta drivers abstract online is a much more convenient way as compared to the other.

With The Help Of Agent

You can also get your Alberta driver abstract with the help of an agent. For this purpose the applicant has to fill out an application. Make sure that you fill everything and fill in the correct information. The next step is to bring the application to a registry agent. You will also have to provide a photocopy of your original ID card. In the end sign and date the form at the registry agent clerk.  

Remember! Legal guardian or Parental consent is required if a minor requires an Alberta driver’s abstract.

Process To Order If You Are Outside Alberta?

If you are outside alberta you need to follow the given steps to get your drivers abstract alberta:

  • Fill out the application and go to a Notary public. The notary public will verify your identity and will need the following documents:
    • Alberta or Canadian Driver’s License
    • Passport
    • Permanent Resident Card
    • Alberta Identification Card
    • Citizenship Card
    • Immigration Card
    • Naturalization Card
  • Send the application to an Alberta registry agent. Check that you have the following documents:
    • A signed notarized application form
    • A notarized copy of photo ID
    • Fees that is required by the registry agent 

Cost of Drivers Abstract Alberta

The price of an Alberta driver abstract is $23.10 per abstract and it is inclusive of service charges. 

Benefits of Alberta Drivers Abstract

Some of the benefits of driver’s abstract alberta are as follows:

  • Insurance Discounts
  • Proof of Driving History
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Personal Record Verification
  • Graduated Driver Licensing Program Progress
  • Driving Skills Improvement


To conclude, the drivers abstract alberta holds significant importance as it acts as a crucial document, offering a comprehensive overview of a person’s driving history within the province. This document encompasses valuable details, including license suspensions, demerit points, convictions, and collisions. The driver’s abstract in Alberta not only serves as a means of evaluating an individual’s driving habits but also acts as a tool for promoting road safety.

By monitoring driving behaviors, authorities can identify patterns of unsafe driving and take appropriate actions. and implement necessary interventions to improve overall road safety for everyone. So, let’s buckle up, stay vigilant, and pave the way for a future where every journey is a safer one.

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