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10 Road Safety Driving Tips for Teen Drivers

Did you know that In 2018, 1,922 Canadians were killed, and 23,872 were hospitalized with serious injuries in road accidents? This is the reason road safety is necessary. It is a critical issue affecting communities around the world. This article will cover what road safety is and some essential tips for teen drivers.

What is Road Safety?

Road safety is the set of practices to reduce the risk of highway accidents and injuries. These measures ensure the safe and efficient movement of road users. Driving is a privilege, not a right. Road collisions are a leading cause of death and injury and are a major public issue in any country. The ultimate goal is to prevent accidents and save lives.

10 Driving Tips for Teen Drivers on Road Safety

Below are some tips for Road safety. Although these tips apply to everyone but, most teens are the ones who make such mistakes. Here are some of the tips that could be useful for teen drivers:

Don’t Drive while Drinking

Drunk driving is a dangerous and deadly practice that can have devastating consequences for drivers and passengers. Even at low alcohol levels driving is dangerous. Alcohol reduces a person’s response and reaction time, leading to different accidents.

Wear a Seatbelt 

Wearing a seatbelt is one of the most effective ways to stay safe while driving. Seat belts protect against ejection during crashes. Seatbelts work with airbags to provide additional protection during a crash. It helps to reduce injuries to drivers.

Don’t Overspeed

This is one of the main mistakes youngsters make. You must have heard the term “Speed Kills”. It’s a dangerous habit that can increase the risk of accidents. The faster you drive, the less time you have to react to potential hazards on the road.

Avoid Distractions

Another major mistake is using the phone while driving. This can delay our reactions by about 20%. Now phones aren’t the only distraction. Applying makeup and eating can also be dangerous.  

 Don’t Drive Drowsy 

Drowsy driving is the same as drunk driving. According to a survey, 20% of accidents are because of sleeplessness. If you fall asleep while driving, the results are predictable.

Drive Carefully in Bad Weather

Teens don’t consider whether there is a storm or hail. They drive the same way as in normal weather conditions. Water surfaces may contain hidden objects that could cause you to damage your tyres. So, it’s better to drive cautiously and below the speed limit. 

Defensive Driving

This tip can prevent car crashes as it takes away the element of surprise. Defensive driving is important because it helps the driver anticipate and respond to hazards and emergencies. Accidents can be avoided by staying alert and focused.

Keep a Safe Distance

Keeping a safe distance from other motor vehicles is important. It provides the driver time to react to unexpected events. In case of emergency braking, the car can stop in time.  It also helps maintain a smooth flow of traffic. 

Aware of the Surroundings

You never know what other drivers might do on the road. You should be aware of your surroundings while you are behind the wheel. Driving is a shared responsibility, and every driver has a role to play in ensuring the safety of everyone. 

Keep Your Vehicle Safe

This is necessary to keep you and other passengers safe. Regular tune-ups can save you from long-term damage. If your car is unsafe, chances of having accidents can increase. This could be dangerous and may cause collisions.  


In conclusion, road safety is a crucial issue that affects everyone. Teens who are still learning to drive should pay special attention. Following safe driving habits, staying alert and focused on the road, and avoiding distractions are crucial. Gclass drivers is a driving school that can train you from scratch. They have a Digital Curriculum program that doesn’t only give you tips but can make you a professional driver. Additionally, parents and guardians play a key role in teaching and modeling safe driving behaviors. However, road safety is not just the responsibility of an individual driver. It’s the duty of every citizen. 


Q1: What is an important driving tip for teen drivers?

Answer: Avoid distractions and focus on the road.

Q2: How can teen drivers improve their parallel parking skills?

Answer: Practice in empty parking lots or with the guidance of an experienced driver.

Q3: What should teen drivers do if they get a flat tire?

Answer: Safely pull over, use the emergency jack and spare tire, or call for roadside assistance.

Q4: How can teen drivers avoid distractions while driving?

Answer: Put the phone away, limit passengers, and stay focused on driving.

Q5: What should teen drivers do if they feel drowsy while driving?

Answer: Pull over, rest, or take a short nap to regain alertness.

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