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5 Road Signs You Must Need Before Hitting the Road

All of us do agree that road signs are not just information, they can be life-saving! Right? Drivers need to pay attention to them. From speed limits to directional signs, these signs are your guide to a smooth and safe journey. You can say that these essential signs are like a language of the road. Learn to read them and you’ll navigate with confidence!

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What are Road Signs?

Road designs are basically for the safety of the driver and for the pedestrians. These signs help you stay safe and informed on the road. You should not underestimate the power of road sign. Their purpose is to keep you and others on the road out of harm’s way. Drivers of Canada need to be careful as the roads aren’t always clear and these driving signs are an extra mess. But these road sign are there for a reason.

They will help you arrive at your destination safely. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, you need to pay proper attention to the signs. These signs aren’t just a regulatory requirement. They are kind of tips and warnings that will help you avoid wrong turns or in worst scenarios any accidents.

Types of Road Signs

Regarding the signs there is a long list but the following three categories should be known by everyone:

Regulatory Road Sign

These signs convey information to the drivers and include the traffic rules and regulations. Road safety protocols to keep a smooth flow of traffic are also included in these signs. Some signs are also applicable in certain conditions.

These include under specific weather conditions, time, location etc. the typical example start stop signs, one way signs, speed limits etc. these signs are present on the road to inform the driver of the upcoming situations.

Warning Road Sign

As the name indicates, these signs are to alert the drivers. These signs indicate that there might be a potential hazard ahead. It also informs the drivers about upcoming driving schools, animal crossing, pedestrian crossing, or potential traffic.

These are mostly pennant shaped and are in yellow striking color to attract the attention of drivers. The common examples are slippery road conditions, bend ahead and roundabout ahead.

Guide Road Sign

The guide signs are designed in a rectangular shape and are in green or white color. These signs are used to deliver location specific information. Although depending on the message their shape and size can vary. The examples include hiking, parking, exit or entry signs etc.

Commonly Used Shapes 

There are several road shapes that have different meanings. These signs are designed to give you important information regarding the traffic laws. The signs are helpful to know about the dangerous conditions. The commonly used shapes are as follows:  

  • Octagons-  These signs are for stop which means that the driver needs to stop. These designs are mostly red in color
  • Pentagons- These signs are generally used near school zones and are painted brightly to attract the attention of drivers.
  • Equilateral Triangles- These are designed to make you aware of the upcoming layouts that includes mountains, hills or tunnels  
  • Circles-  The circle sign means legal order or prohibition.  
  • Crossbucks- A massive X indicates upcoming railway crossings. The sign indicates that you need to stop while the train is crossing.
  • Rectangular- These rectangular signs are mostly restricted to motorbike ride rules. These signs also tell us about certain hazards.

Colors of Road Signs

Certain colors of road sign have different meanings. Some of the common colors used in road signs boards are as follows:

  • Black- The black sign indicates general road conditions and is used for regulatory road signs 
  • Blue- The blue sign is for guiding signboards that tells the information about specific location
  • Brown- The brown color highlights the national or provincial parks in the area. 
  • Green- The green sign is an informational or guidance sign, this sign tells us about the distance to a specific location.
  • Red- A sign having red background color indicates a warning sign. It is basically a stop or yield sign.
  • Purple- This sign indicates that there are amusement parks nearby but these signs are often rare. 
  • Orange- The orange background sign is for construction or maintenance purposes. You will be fined double if you don’t follow this sign
  • White- The white sign is only for regulatory road signs
  • Yellow- The yellow background sign means warning. So if you see this sign then you need to be aware of your surroundings. 


To conclude, Road Signs play a very crucial role in guiding and informing the drivers about the upcoming situation. These signs are designed to give specific information  such as speed limits, warnings or prohibitions.

The signs basically help you find your way to your destination in a safe way. Understanding and obeying road sign boards is essential for safe and responsible driving.By following the road sign regulations a driver plays a crucial part of maintaining order and safety on our roadways.

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