5 summer driving tips

5 Safety Summer Driving Tips: To Save your Life in 2023

Summer is the time where driving can be more difficult than in winter. Studies have shown that 70.8% of driving accidents occur on dry roads. Summer is the time of vacations and long trips. And long road trips means that driving is essential. Although driving in summer seems safer than winter, but this is not the case. The article will cover the essential summer driving tips that can help you safely drive.

Why Summer Driving is More Dangerous?

Sun Glare

Sun glare refers to the intense sunlight that blinds the car’s windshield. The Sun glare process occurs when the sun is low on the horizon and the sunlight is directly reflected in our windshields. This has an adverse effect on driving as it causes blind spots and the driver is not able to see properly. This increases the chances of accidents. Along with this sun glare can also cause temporary blindness, stress and fatigue on eyes. This hinders the driver’s judging ability to react quickly to the situations and perform accordingly.

False Sense Of Security

Summer is the most dangerous time for driving and it is due to different reasons. Although, the winter weather has its own danger points that needs to be taken off but summer brings the most issues. People assume that summer weather means clearer road conditions. During winter snow on the roads makes people more attentive and precautious. The speed is also comparatively slow. Whereas in summer there is a false sense of security that roads are clearer which causes them to increase the speed limit. This can lead to bad decisions. There is more chance for people to get a speeding ticket in summers than in winter. 

More Traffic

Summer has clearer and sunny weather and stable weather conditions so that there will be more drivers on the road. This will lead to more traffic and more vehicles resulting in bad decisions. Especially during the long summer weekends there is more traffic than usual which can cause issues. So there is an extra need for the drivers to be careful on the summer road.


Although fog is a phenomenon that is more common in fall and winters, but it can also occur in summers. In summer fog may occur due to temperature changes, hot weather and when the moist air moves over a cool body of water. Some other factors may also contribute to fog but the point is that fog causes issues while driving and causes blurriness. This limits the reaction time of a driver and increases the chances of accidents.

Top 5 Safe Summer Driving Tips

Some of the safety tips for summer driving that can help you in the dry weather are given below:

Tire Blowouts

The stroking heat of the sun takes a lot out of the cars. Strong heat can affect the working of tires and cause them to blow. There is a higher chance of tyre damage in summers than in winter. High pressure can cause the tires to burst. You need to maintain and check your tires for at least a month, especially in summer to avoid any inconvenience. Also it is recommended by some tyre manufacturer companies that tyres should be replaced after every 6 months. You need to properly inspect your tires and check your tyre pressure.

Check Your Engine

During summer months engines often get overheated and cause many issues. If you are on a long road trip then traveling can cause the engine to stop working. This results in stress on every function or part of the car which can delay your journey. You need to properly check the engine and brakes and other parts to avoid any kind of issues. Summer driving safety is necessary for everyone before you hit the road.

Look Out For The Distracted Drivers

During summer, people set out for long journeys and vacations. We share the road with so many people during the summer time. Overall, it’s a relaxed environment. But this relaxed environment can be dangerous for many people because of the mistake of a single person. Although distracted drivers are dangerous on the road no matter what the situation is, summer brings extra laziness in us. So you need to look for distracted persons to reduce the risk of accidents and avoid collisions. These summer driving tips can surely help you in difficult situations.

Take Regular Breaks

Going towards our destination is exciting and thrilling but it’s quite a wait. Right? Although the wait is worth it in the end. But taking such long routes can be exhausting for everyone. Especially for the driver. By taking regular breaks between your journey, you can freshen up and your exhaustion can also be reduced. It might take some extra time to reach but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

Check Weather Forecast

Depending on the region where you live, rainstorms, thunderstorms or hailing anything can be expected, even during the summers. It is advised for the drivers to be prepared for adverse situations and take precautionary measures. By checking the forecast you can know about the upcoming weather and take measures to avoid unpleasant conditions accordingly.


To conclude, these summer driving tips can save you from the worst situation. Summer is the season where most people set out for vacations and enjoy themselves. And for that these driving safety tips for summer can be a lot of help. You just need to take care of little things that will save you from the bigger problems. Check your air conditioning, breaks, engines as well. Also don’t forget to put an emergency kit in your bag. So in case there is an unpleasant situation you at least would have the basic help. However, remember to read and implement these safe driving tips for summer so that you can be prepared for the worst case scenario.