Driving license Check

How to Check the Status of Your Driving License

The advancement of technology has made everyone’s life easy. Licenses are necessary to stay legal on the road. The government of Ontario is also trying to deliver fast, reliable, and better services. The purpose of a Driving License check is to put people at ease and make their life easy. It can help verify the validity and update information regarding the drivers license

The Minister of Transportation, Caroline Mulroney, said, “We are putting money back in people’s pockets. We are making it free for Ontarians to check if their driver’s license is valid before getting behind the wheel.” The status of a person’s driving license can be checked by scanning the card on a mobile. The fee to inspect the Ontario drivers license is as low as 2 $.

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Why did you check Driving License?

The Driving License Check is an online service for public organizations and citizens. It helps to check whether an Ontario drivers license is valid or not. Citizens can use this service to check their license status online

In Ontario, automobile owners have to make sure that every individual driving that car has a license. You even need to check the driving license of your friend if you are lending him your car.

Even if it’s for a day. Otherwise, your vehicle could be impounded or seized for about 30 days. In this case, the owner is required to pay towing and impoundment fees. 

How to Check the Status of Your Driving License?

To check your driving license status, you will need the following:

  • Driving license number
  • Postcode on the driving license
  • National insurance number

Benefits of Online Driving License

Ontario’s government has made it easy for their people to check their driver license status. Following are some of the uses of online driving license check:

  • The driver can know the status of their license, which will also include specific licensing conditions.
  • If the driver has lost his physical license, he can use it  to access a temporary license. He can also use it to request a new license.
  •  It will also be helpful if the driver has moved to another country or state. The driver can use it to check the procedure for transferring the license. He can also check if his license is valid or not. 
  • The driver can also know about the class of his license. It also helps the drivers check whether they have a suspended license. 


The online Driving License Check allows citizens to check their license status online. It’s an easy and better service for the people of Ontario. The government of Ontario has modernized the way to check Ontario drivers licenses. Mulroney said, “We are making life easier for businesses and helping them ensure their drivers have valid licenses to keep our roads safe.”

These improvements made by the government will help to easily check the drivers license. The driver only needs to scan the card on the mobile device. The progressions will likewise decrease the trouble for organizations by extending the number of license checks entered at one time from nine to a hundred. The primary goal is to ensure Ontario’s businesses and drivers that their drivers license is up-to-date and modern.

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