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8 Steps how to get Ontario Driving License – Driving in Ontario

Driving in Ontario is a great way to explore the beautiful city if you are a resident of Ontario, Canada. Driving gives a sense of independence, we do not have to ask anyone or wait for the public transport. The cool rush of wind that we feel while driving is refreshing. Although driving is a privilege, but it comes with responsibility as well. You need to be careful to prevent any sorts of accidents and for everyone’s safety. But to be a responsible driver you need a valid driver’s licence from a well known driving school 

What Is An Ontario Drivers Licence? 

A driver license is a legal permit that ensures that the driver is capable of safely handling the car. In Ontario, Canada, the Ministry Of Transportation (MTO) is responsible for authorizing and issuing the licenses to the new drivers. A license will give you the legal authority to drive on the public roads. The license is necessary if you want to legally operate a vehicle on the public roads of Ontario. And as a resident of Ontario, having a driver’s license is very important if you want to stay away from trouble.

How To Get A License In Ontario?

To get a  driver license In Ontario there are some requirements that need to be met. Only then a driver will be legally able to drive on the public roads of Ontario.

  • The first step is the age requirement. The legal and minimum age for getting a driver license is 16. 
  • To get a driver’s license there are three tests in the Graduated Licensing System program that need to be completed.
  • The first is the written test that is for the g1 licence. The G1 is a learners permit that needs to be passed.  
  • The written knowledge test consists of multiple choice questions that are necessary to pass the test. 
  • The test is designed to check the driver’s knowledge of traffic signs and road rules.
  • After passing the 8 to 12 months of written test, the driver is eligible for the G2 Road test
  • The road tests are a practical driving test that evaluates how you handle your automobile. Your driving instructor will evaluate you on the ways you handle your car.
  • After 12 months of having a G2 license, you are eligible for the last practical driving test. The final step will allow you to be eligible for a full G Licence Driver.

What Is In The Test?

To pass the test, there are some requirements and hurdles that need to be passed. The tests include:

Knowledge Test

The path to acquiring a driver’s license is paved with various checkpoints, and one of the most critical is the knowledge test. The knowledge test consists of multiple-choice questions that evaluate a driver’s proficiency to handle the vehicle. You are also evaluated regarding the information on traffic signs and road rules. The driver’s handbook is the biggest source that can help pass you the test.

Road Test

The road test is the practical driving test that evaluates how you handle your vehicle. Driving instructor will evaluate you on your driving skills. Parallel parking is a very important step in the test. You may be asked to parallel park or start or stop. So its best to get as much practice as possible.  

Vehicle Safety Check

In some cases the instructor may also ask questions regarding the vehicle safety check. You may be asked about the related car components and their purpose. So it is better to know about the components and be prepared beforehand..


Classification Chart For Driving In Ontario

To give an overview, a classification chart is given below:

  • Class A: For tractor trailer combinations, can also drive Class D and Class G
  • Class B: For school buses, can also drive Class C, D, E, F and G
  • Class C: For regular buses, can also drive Class D, F and G
  • Class D: For automobiles exceeding 11 kg gross weight , can also drive Class G
  • Class E: For tractor trailer combinations, can also drive Class D and Class G
  • Class F: For any school bus having 24 passengers capacity, can also drive Class F and G.
  • Class G1: Drivers can drive but with a licensed driver and are subjected to certain conditions
  • Class G2:  Drivers can drive without a licensed driver but are still subjected to certain conditions

Obtaining A Valid foreign Driver’s Licence for Foreigners  

It’s also easy for foreigners to get an international driver’s permit. There are some requirements as well. The basic requirement is passing the knowledge and the road test. Also, the drivers handbook is best if you want to pass the test. For foreigners, you need to demonstrate the following documents:

  • You need to provide acceptable identification proof
  • You need to have a valid driver’s license 
  • A minimum of 12 years experience is a must. 
  • Candidates also need to show letters of authentication. This is mandatory if you want to claim more than 12 months previous driving experience.

Benefits of Getting A License

Following are some of the benefits of getting a license if your are driving in ontario:

  • Increased Confidence
  • Independency, flexibility and convenience 
  • Personal Growth
  • Legal eligibility
  • Increased safety and protection
  • Lower insurance rates.
  • Better opportunities regarding jobs

How Can We Help You?

At Gclass Drivers, we understand the importance of driving and more than that we know how important it is to get your license. And for that we are here to guide you through the whole process. Our experienced instructors will help you, whether it’s about passing the test or about some guidance. Gclass Drivers understands that it’s not easy for everyone to learn and pass the test in the first attempt, that is why we take things easily and slowly. So join us and fasten your seat belt. We will handle the rest.


To wrap up, getting a legal license is necessary for driving in Ontario. Whether you are a pro driver or a beginner, getting a license is necessary for both. Without a license you can not legally operate a motor vehicle on the roads of Canada. And the best way to prepare for the license test is to join a well known drivetest centre. A drive test center will prepare you for the necessary tests and the practical driving exam. And at Gclass drivers, we have got all those aspects covered. So start your driving journey today with us.

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