Ontario License Plate Renewal

How Renewal Ontario License Plate

Want to know the process of Ontario License Plate Renewal? Well then you will get all the information you need to renew license plate sticker ontario. Your drivers licence is your symbol of your freedom and independence.

And in case if the license is expired then you need to renew it. It’s not just a legal requirement, it’s the duty of every responsible citizen. So renew your license today and keep the adventure alive!

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What is A License Plate Sticker?

A License Plate Sticker was a small colored sticker that was present on the driver’s car. The sticker showed the registration expiry date and represented your plate. A new sticker was provided to the driver on renewal of a license plate.

However according to the recent rules the driver will not receive a sticker and there is no need to pay for the sticker fee as well. This rule was effective on March 13, 2022. And for licence plate sticker refund, cars that are registered for a business or a company are not eligible. Fill out the correct information and details to ensure that you will get the refund.

What’s The Process For Ontario License Plate Renewal?

The process to renew Ontario license plate is quite simple. The Ontario government is also taking steps to make the process more smooth and easy. Premier Doug Ford said that “As the cost of living continues to go up, our government is cutting costs for families to make life more affordable”.

For license plate renewal Ontario you need to visit the Ontario license renewal website. You can visit the website online or in person. The timings of the center can vary. So it’s important to choose a suitable time and be there a little before time. 

How To Renew Your Ontario License Plate In Person?

If you are visiting in person then you the following documents:

  • Proof of Insurance
  • Current Registration
  • Pay the necessary fee

How To Renew Your Ontario License Plate Online?

The online process is a quick and quite an easy way to renew your licence plate. Ontario drivers do not have to wait in line or go through the hassle to visit the centre.

Licence plate online renewal is just a two minute process that you can complete from your own home. For online renewing license plate sticker ontario you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your licence plate number 
  • Policy number
  • Car’s odometer reading
  • Insurance company name 
  • Vehicle registration permit number 

 Overall, you need to fill the necessary forms and hand out the required information. Law enforcement will also be aware automatically about your service Ontario license plate renewal. If you do have to pay any fines then do it before renewing the license plate.  Renewing your license plate will also save you against any fines or legal action.

What Are The Fines You Need To Pay?

You need to pay any outstanding fines before your license plate renewal. Visit the service Ontario Centre to pay the fines. The fines include:

  • Outstanding vehicle licensing fees
  • Highway tolls
  • Vehicle fines or penalties that could include:
    • Red light camera
    • Passing a stopped school bus
    • Operating an unlicensed taxi
    • Passing a stopped streetcar
    • Automated speed enforcement
    • Parking

What’s Fee For Ontario License Plate Renewal?

There is no fee for plate renewal fees of passenger vehicles or motorcycles, light-duty trucks, and mopeds. The old fee was about 120$. You will not receive licence plate stickers. However there is a requirement for license plate sticker renewal Ontario after every 1 or 2 years.

Try to renew it before your birthday. Ross Romano, Minister of Government and Consumer Services said that, “Our government is putting money directly back into the pockets of Ontario families and workers to help make life more affordable”. 

Why To Renew My License Plate?

Renewing your License Plate is a necessary task that needs to be the priority of every driver. Doing so is a  legal requirement and will also ensure that your vehicle is insured. It will also give you the chance to check that your car meets the necessary quality standards. Also there is an option to customize your plates according to your choice.

Choose a unique combination of letters and numbers that represent you. Overall license plate can be renewed in 180 days. But it’s better to avoid any last minute issues. Usually the expiry date for a license plate is an individual’s birthday. So renew your license and get ready to hit the road with confidence.


To summarize the discussion, Ontario License Plate Renewal is a legal requirement that should be your priority.  Renewal will also give you a chance to check the quality standards of your car. The best part is that the renewal process is not even difficult. It will just take a few of your minutes to get a vehicle permit.

And now it’s free of cost, you don’t even have to pay for the plate renewal fees. If you need any help then Gclass Drivers are here to serve you. We will guide you in every step. So get ready and fasten your seatbelt. There should be no excuse to delay your plate renewal process. Now even the online process is available. Renew your Ontario Plate License today.

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