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How To Get Your Truck License Ontario || Types & Requirements

Ready to hit the road and take steps to start your trucking career? Getting your Truck License Ontario is a must. Whether you are a beginner who wants to learn truck driving or a person who wants to expand his horizon in the trucking industry, having a driver’s license is essential.

Truck driving is an in-demand job that can get you many opportunities, but some eligibility requirements need to be met. Ontario is one of the best places for truck driving, providing multiple trade and commerce opportunities. So, let’s understand the eligibility requirements and skills needed for truck driving.

Types of Truck License 

The type of truck driving license you need depends on the vehicle’s weight. Whether the vehicle is a tractor trolly or has air brakes also affects the license type. For all types of Ontario driving licenses, cleaning the road and written knowledge tests are necessary. You must also clear the tests to update or renew a truck license. 

Eligibility Requirements

To drive a truck, you must have a full Class A license. The following are the eligibility requirements for getting a full Class A license:

  • The minimum age requirement for a class A license is 18 years.
  • Have a grade 10 or equivalent education in Ontario.
  • Passing the vision test is also a requirement that must be completed.
  • You must also have a valid Ontario license other than G1, G2, M, M1 or M2.
  • Applicants must also be medically fit and submit a valid medical report.
  • You also need to complete a mandatory entry-level training course  
  • Road tests and Knowledge tests also need to be cleared. For a road test, you must have the following:
    • A trailer has a gross weight rating of 4,600 kg.
    • Your truck, tractor and trailer should have a full air brake system.
    • Manual transmission should have at least 8 forward gears with a high-low range.

You must reschedule your test if your vehicle doesn’t meet the above requirements.

What Can You Drive with a Class A License?

With a full class A license, you are allowed to drive the following vehicles:

  • Trucks pulling trailers.
  • Vehicles towing cars over 4600 kg with air brakes.
  • Vehicles pulling two trailers.
  • Cars covered by Class G license.
  • Heavy trucks are categorized as Class D.
  • Class A vehicles with limitations.

What You Can’t Drive?

With a restricted class A, you can’t drive a:

  • Trailer with air brakes
  • Full-size tractor-trailer 
  • Train another driver on a vehicle which requires Class A privileges 

How To Apply For a Truck License Ontario?

To apply for a truck license Ontario, visit a drive test center. You also need to provide some legal documents, including your valid Ontario driver’s license number, location for taking the test, legal name, date of birth and signature. For booking your road test appointment, you must also provide a second and third choice of location. Along with this, your preferred time and date are also required.

There is also a truck license Ontario cost, which you need to pay. If you want to cancel your test, then you need to cancel it at least 40 hours before your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee.  

How Can GClass Drivers Help You?

At GClass Drivers, we offer the best services that can help you in getting your Truck License Ontario. Our experienced instructors can guide you so that you can easily pass your test. With their expertise, you can improve your skills. Along with this, their feedback can also help identify areas of improvement. Whether you are learning to drive a manual car or a truck, getting your license is very important. Our specialized courses are designed for you so that you can improve your skills. Don’t delay any longer; reach out to GClass Drivers today and let us help you in getting your Truck License Ontario.


To conclude, getting your Truck License Ontario isn’t just about learning to drive; it’s about seizing a gateway to boundless opportunities in the truck industry. Demand for truck drivers is increasing, so being a Truck driver is a fulfilling career. But before you start your career in truck driving, there are some eligibility criteria that need to be followed.

You need to meet the educational qualifications, medical fitness, and mandatory training. Having a full class A license is necessary if you want to drive without any restrictions. Navigating the process requires preparation, documentation, and a visit to a drive test center. Here at GClass Drivers, our experienced instructors will provide expertise, guidance, and a tailored approach to help you ace your tests and enhance your skills. 


Question No: 1 What is the age limit for truck drivers in Canada?

Answer: The minimum age limit for truck drivers in Canada is 18 years.

Question No: 2 What are the Eligibility Requirements for Truck License Ontario?

Answer: Following are the requirements for Truck License Ontario:

  • 18 years age
  • Minimum grade 10 education
  • Passing the road test, vision test and knowledge test
  • Should be medically fit. 

Question No: 3 Is it possible for a foreigner to be a truck driver in Canada?

Answer: Yes, a foreigner can be a truck driver in Canada but a Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) is required. 

Question No: 4 What are the best provinces for Truck driving in Canada?

Answer: Following are the 5 best provinces for truck driving in Canada:

  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia
  • Nova Scotia
  • Alberta
  • Ontario

Question No: 5 Can a truck driver go to Canada without a passport?

Answer: No, a valid transport is required for truck drivers to go to Canada.

Question No: 6 How long is a truck driving course in the city of Ontario?

Answer: The truck drivers need to attend at least 103.5 hours of truck driving course in the city of Ontario

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