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Get the freedom to embark on a journey to discover Canada’s eye-capturing scenery by passing the Tillsonburg drive test. The Tillsonburg drive test will unlock your potential by testing your knowledge about driving rules and traffic signs. You can pass the test with the help of a driving school in Tillsonburg or a driving test center. For Tillsonburg drive test bookings, you can go to the official website and book your preferred test there. 

Tillsonburg Drive Test

The Tillsonburg Drive Test consists of a knowledge test and road tests on behalf of the Ministry of Transportation (MTO). The Tillsonburg Driving Test is held by the Tillsonburg Drive Test Center, located in Ontario. It consists of two tests: a knowledge test and a road test.

  1. In a knowledge test, one’s understanding of driving and traffic rules is checked. Knowledge tests consist of multiple-choice questions based on driver handbooks. 
  2. While in the road test, your skills in driving (motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, and other commercial vehicles) are tested. In a road test, you have to drive according to criteria finalized by the Ministry of Transportation. After passing the G1 test, you can get a G2 class license; for a G class license, you should have a G2 class license.   

Test Offered

 Following are Drive Test Center Tillsonburg offers the tests;

  1. G1 Test. 
  2. G2 Test.
  3. G Full License

What are the G1, G2, and G tests? 

Let’s look into detail what the G1, G2, and G license tests are. Below, the details of every test are explained with their passing criteria:

G1 Test

The first stage for gaining a driving license is G1, a test for new drivers. There are two parts to the G1 test.

Knowledge test

In the Tillsonburg drive test, you have to pass the knowledge test in written form. The written test will be for information enclosed in the Ministry of Transportation Official Driver’s Handbook.

Test Structure
  • 20-30 minutes will be the time length, but no strict restrictions exist.
  • There will be multiple-choice questions. 
  • You need to obtain at least 80 scores to pass the knowledge test. 
  • In case of failure, you must pay the fee to make another attempt.
Examples of the Knowledge Test 

Here are some examples of the driving permit test questions. You can practice and prepare for these types of questions. 

You may drive off the paved roadway to pass another vehicle: 

  1. If the shoulder is wide enough to accommodate your vehicle,  
  2. If the vehicle ahead of you is turning left,
  3. Under no circumstances.

Parallel parking is when the: 

  1. The front wheels are turned toward the street.
  2. The vehicle is in line with other parked cars.
  3. The rear wheels are touching the curb.

When you are merging onto the freeway, you should be driving: 

  1. At or near the same speed as the traffic on the freeway.
  2. 5 to 10 MPH slower than the traffic on the freeway.
  3. The posted speed limit for traffic on the freeway

Road Test

This test is almost 15-20 minutes in which basic knowledge of road signs and driving skills are tested. 

  • How to start, stop, and turn the vehicle 
  • Whether we are obeying traffic rules or not, 
  • How to take turns on the road
  • How to report an accident
  • The level of alcohol in the blood. 
  • What to do when getting closer to another vehicle or school bus  
  • How do we pass the other vehicles and change passing lanes?
  • How we are reacting to traffic lights and signs 
  • Different parking styles, like parallel, reverse, and forward parking. 

This license lasts for almost 12 months. G1 licensed drivers are not allowed to drink alcohol. They are also not allowed to drive late night. 

G2 Test

In the G2 test, firstly, you should have a G1 test license for Drive Test Tillsonburg. After 12 months of a G1 class license, you can apply for a G2 class license. When your G2 class license ends, you can apply for the G Full License.

G Full License 

The G is an advanced-level test to gain a driver’s license. Everything from G2 is included in the G test, and here, your examiner will ask you some questions. There are some precautions to take before going for a Tillsonburg drive test.

  • Check your car and ensure all lights are working correctly and brakes and tires are in good condition. 
  • Horn the vehicle, check the meter, and check the speed limit.
  • You have to sign papers before the start of the test.

The Tillsonburg drive test mainly takes the G test on highways. Your examiner will check your speed limit, method of changing lanes, and ability to drive on the road. 

Requirements to Apply For Tillsonburg Drive Test

The following are the requirements to pass a Tillsonburg drive test:

  • The age should be more than 16 years for a G1 class license. 
  • The candidate should know basic driving methods, traffic rules, and signs.
  • For the G2 class license, you have to pass the G1 test.
  • For a G-class permit, you should have a G2-class license.  


The Tillsonburg drive test, which consists of knowledge and road testing, examines your practical driving skills and understanding of traffic laws. Whether going for a G1, G2, or G license, thorough planning is essential. The ability to responsibly explore the breathtaking roads of Canada is granted upon passing the Tillsonburg driving test. The test has requirements ranging from knowledge proficiency to age eligibility. Get ready, drive carefully, and enjoy the journey that lies ahead on Tillsonburg’s roads.


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