How To Avoid Distracted Driving

10 Ways How To Avoid Distracted Driving in 2023

Did you know that How To Avoid Distracted Driving causes around 3000 deaths each year? Just taking our eyes off the road for even a few seconds can have devastating results. The dangers of distracted driving cannot be overstated.

Whether it’s texting, taking calls, grooming or even adjusting GPS, these actions take our focus away from driving and increase accidents risk. Distracted driving can result in severe injuries or even fatalities so it is essential that we remember that driving requires our full focus and distracted driving poses an imminent threat to ourselves and others on the road.

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What Is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving is anything that diverts your attention from the road. This is a serious issue that not only affects the drivers but the pedestrians as well. Have you ever checked your mobile while driving? I can bet that yes you have. This is dangerous and can be life threatening. 

You need to remember that distracted driving is not just about using mobile phones, you could also be distracted while eating and drinking. Do you know that about 9 people die daily due to distraction? You need to be focused on the road to avoid such disastrous conditions.  

Types Of Distracted

There are three main types of distraction:

  • Visual: Taking eyes off from the road 
  • Manual: Taking  your hands away from the steering wheel
  • Cognitive: Taking mind of while driving

10 Ways To Avoid Distracted Driving

Everyone needs to play a part to avoid distracted driving and follow the driving laws. Following are some of the ways to avoid distracted:

  1. Silence or turn off your mobile phone to avoid distractions while driving. Respond only when necessary, using voice activation feature.
  2. Use hands-free mode only for emergency calls. Stop the car before attending other calls or messages.
  3. Groom yourself before or after driving. Doing makeup or combing your hair while driving can be dangerous.
  4. Set GPS navigation before starting the car to avoid distractions while driving.
  5. Drive at a safe speed and avoid being distracted by your surroundings.
  6. Connect your Bluetooth or FM radio before driving and have your playlist ready to avoid distractions.
  7. Secure loose items such as water bottles and electronics in compartments or a safe place.
  8. Follow all traffic safety rules and regulations, including stopping at red lights.
  9. Keep your focus on the road and avoid any activities that may distract you while driving.
  10. Be aware of your surroundings, including other drivers and potential hazards on the road.
  11. Take regular breaks to rest and refresh yourself during long drives.
  12. Always wear your seatbelt and ensure that all passengers in the car are properly secured as well.