Tips for new drivers

7 Best Tips For New Drivers in 2023

But before hitting the road, it’s important to remember that driving is a huge responsibility. The Driving instructor “Shaun de Jager” hates the word car accidents. As according to him most of the accidents aren’t accidents. Instead you can call them collisions that  are caused by the negligence of drivers. However, the article contains tips for new drivers that will surely help them on their road trip.

When it comes to driving a vehicle on a public road you can never be too safe. Getting your driving license is a great accomplishment that deserves appreciation. But do remember that it’s a bigger responsibility as well.  Hearing the basic driving tips can be boring but these are worth it.

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 Best 7 Tips For New Drivers

After getting a license from a well owned driving school, get ready to fasten your seat belt and start your driving adventure. As a new driver there are a lot of things that you need to learn and implement. However, some of the tips that can help the new drivers in their journey are as follows:

Follow Traffic Rules

The first and most important tip that a new driver should follow is to obey traffic rules. The tip is even for the experienced drivers. Following traffic rules and road signs are necessary as they help avoid any kind of collision.  Driving on a safe speed limit, following the traffic signals, looking left and right while making turns or changing lanes are crucial. These can save you from the late damage and you can stay safe on the road.

Wear Your Seat Belt

Another mistake that most of the drivers make is to avoid wearing seat belts. They see it as a hassle. But the point is that wearing a seat belt can protect you from permanent damage in case of  any accidents. According to the report of “Among teen drivers and passengers 16–19 years of age who died in car crashes in 2018, almost half were unrestrained at the time of the crash”. A seat belt can reduce the death risk by 45% and injury risk by 50%. So it’s necessary to wear a seat belt.

Know Your Car

One of the tips for new drivers that can help on the road is to know about your car. Knowing about your vehicle helps you familiarize yourself with the car controls. You need to know about where the indicators are, whether they are working properly or not. Also you should focus on car maintenance. Your car should be in good condition and well maintained. This can save you from unwanted breakdown and issues. Drivers need to check the car and essential controls before heading out. This can save a lot of trouble as issues can be detected early. 

Avoid Distractions

While driving the drivers need to avoid any sort of distraction. Mobiles are the biggest distraction of the new generation. Even while driving youngsters tend to use their mobile. Either they are on call or texting. According to statistics about 13% of accidents occur due to distracted driving. However, mobiles are not the only distraction nowadays. Eating while driving, talking to your friends, for girls fixing makeup, these can also lead to accidents or a severe injury. We do agree that accidents can happen at any second but taking precautions and paying attention can save you.

Adjust The Mirrors

Before you start driving, fix the side mirrors. This will help you have a clear view of what’s before you. And will help you make better decisions when changing lanes. By adjusting your mirrors you can greatly reduce the blind spots. One of the reasons for accidents is blind spots. Although it’s impossible to completely eliminate blind spots, by taking precautionary measures the risk of the accident can be minimized. Experts say that by looking into the mirror after every few seconds many accidents can be avoided.

Safety Kit 

Safety kits are one of the must tips for new drivers. Accidents can occur at any time and can happen to any one of us. Whether it’s our mistake or the negligence of others, accidents can occur and can be fatal. So it’s better to be prepared for the worst. A safety kit should always be present in your car. Along with the basic necessary medical equipment, the safety kit should also have flashlights and batteries. A spare tyre should also be present in your car in case of any emergency.  

Maintain A Safe Distance 

Following other cars closely can lead to accidents. A safe distance should be maintained. In case the following car suddenly applies brakes then you would not have the time to react which can cause collision. By keeping a safe distance between your car and the following car you can avoid collisions and can improve your reaction time. This will not only keep you and your loved ones safe but also the following driver.


To wrap up, the above mentioned tips for new drivers can be helpful in a lot of situations. Where driving is a privilege it’s a responsibility as well. Drivers need to be careful on the road for the safety of everyone. Being a new driver is exciting but it can be intimidating as well. You need to be careful and take care of a lot of things. Remember to follow the traffic rules and road signs. The best thing is to practice your driving skills. Check the car in front of you and maintain a safe distance. These road tips will surely help you and Only then you will be a pro driver. So get out there and drive with confidence.