driving licence change of address

How to Change Driving Licence Address

After moving from a place, you need to change the address on your health card and your driving license. For a driving licence change of address, there are some requirements you need to fulfill. To change your current vehicle license for one showing your new address, you need to visit a Service Ontario centre.

An application form needs to be submitted for this purpose. A replacement fee might be charged if you don’t bring your current vehicle licence yet wish to get another one. From the time the location changes, you should, by law, update your driver’s permit and vehicle license in 6 days or less. Your health card should be updated in almost  30 days or less.

How to Change Driving Licence Address

For a driving license change of address, a copy of the old driver’s license and a new photo is required. The service center will then update your new information and your address. After this, the new documents will be provided to you.

You will be given a temporary permit to take with you until your new card is received through the mail. When a person changes his address, he is required to provide both physical and mailing addresses.

What are the Requirements

The following things will be required to get your driver’s licence or vehicle permit: 

  • A completely new residential and mailing address is required. Your unit number, floor number, postal code, city, and province should also be mentioned. 
  • Your driving licence number or your registrant identification number
  • The issue date on your driver’s licence is also required.

Driving Licence Change of Address Cost

 Delivery Time for Licence 

  • Your driving licence will arrive in your mail in about four to six weeks.

Delivery Time for Vehicles Permit

  • For vehicles, there is no delivery. The driver has to pick it up in person by visiting Service Ontario Centre. There is also a need to bring the driver’s current licence and original vehicle permit. 

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Moving to another area is unquestionably an exciting time. In any case, it carries additional responsibilities as well. Change of address in the licence is one of them. In some countries, it’s a legal requirement to change the address in the licence.

Failure to do so can result in a fine. Having an accurate address on the licence can help in the event that a license is lost or stolen. In case a person is stopped by the police and their license is not up-to-date, they could be fined.