How to Become a Delivery Driver in BC

How to Become a Delivery Driver in BC

Well, what do you think is becoming a delivery driver in BC faithful career? And the answer is YES! In the current age, the demand for online deliveries is increasing on a daily basis, whether it’s from delivering Amazon packages or food takeouts. In this article, we will discuss how to become a delivery driver in BC and what are the necessary skills or requirements.

What is a Delivery Driver? 

A delivery driver drives a car or a truck and delivers goods or packages to the recipient. These drivers are employed by certain corporations, restaurants or warehouses to deliver packages.

The job of a package or food delivery driver is to transfer the packages safely to the recipient and collect payment if required. As a delivery driver, you might get paid by the hour or receive a monthly salary. Even though you need a high school diploma, employers want to see that you have the right skills.


The given points explain the duties of a delivery driver, which will help you explain the job role:

  • Drive automobiles, vans and trucks for picking different products, fast food deliveries  
  • Check the vehicle before and after the trip
  • Plan when to deliver and how to get there
  • Completing relevant delivery documents
  • Put things on and off the truck
  • Help customers, sell things, and take payments
  • Write down where you picked up and dropped off stuff, how far you drove, and any issues
  • Handling delicate items carefully.
  • Carefully reviewing orders before loading and unloading
  • Use a machine to organize what you’re delivering
  • Put things together or set them up when you deliver them
  • Use a special phone to talk to the main office.

Eligibility Requirements 

To become a delivery driver In BC, an appropriate driver’s license is required. Following points will help you understand the requirements:

  • Must be 19 years of age or older
  • Proof of vehicle insurance
  • Work Eligibility proof
  • For any type of delivery driving, the minimum requirement is to have a class 5 or class 7N license.
  • Regarding ride hailing jobs, the driver needs to have a class 4 license 
  • For most food delivery companies, including UberEats, DoorDash the only requirement is to have a class 5 license 
  • Some delivery jobs also require driving large trucks or vehicles, and for that, you need a class 5 or 7 license. 

How To Become a Delivery Driver In BC?

A detailed description of becoming a delivery driver in BC is given below:

High School Degree

By getting a high school diploma, you can read and write basic English. Before applying for the post of delivery driver, it’s better to get a high school degree or equivalent like a GED. This will help you easily communicate with others.  

Valid Driving License

For delivery driver jobs, whether it’s full time or part time, you need to have a valid license. If you want to drive a large truck or vehicle, you might also need a commercial driver’s license. Some companies also don’t accept a license which is not more than 3 years old. 

Get on Job Training

It’s better if you get on the job training before you apply for the job. You can do this through different apprenticeships or during your initial time as a driver. With the help of this training, you can learn the basics. 

Relevant Certificates

Although, you can get hired if you have relevant experience or have a clean driving record. But there is a high chance that you are more likely to get selected if you have certificates relevant to your field.

Qualities Required 

To become a delivery driver in BC, you need to have following qualities:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Should be responsible 
  • Adaptability 
  • Concentration 
  • It’s better to be familiar with local streets and restaurants 

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The process of how to become a delivery driver in BC has been explained in this article. With the increasing demand for online deliveries the delivery profession is also getting popular. To become a delivery driver you need certain qualifications including a valid driver’s license and a high school diploma.

Along with this, it’s better to have relevant certifications and on the job training. And if you want any help regarding driving, the Gclass is ready to serve you. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career with Gclass Drivers, where expertise meets personalized support.