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Q&A About Acquiring a License in Alberta

Are you thinking about getting a driver’s license in Alberta and have a lot of questions? We are ready to provide you with answers that will not only clarify but also improve your understanding.

Before beginning the process of obtaining an Alberta driver’s license, it is critical to clear up any doubts that may exist in your mind. Our goal is to provide you with thorough insights and clarity so that your license application goes efficiently.

Q. How do you get your license in Alberta?

Answer: You must be over 14 years old, pass a knowledge and vision test, and bring parents or guardians if you are under 18. 

Q. How long does it take to get your license in Alberta?

Answer: In Alberta, obtaining a complete, non-graduated Driver’s Licence (GDL) Class 5 Driver’s Licence requires at least three years.

Q. Can a foreigner get a driver’s license in Alberta?

Answer: If you intend to drive in Alberta with your international driver’s license, you should obtain an IDP from your home jurisdiction before arriving. 

Q. How much does it cost to get your license in Alberta?

Answer: The cost of an Alberta driver’s license is determined by the years the license is valid. The cost to renew a driver’s license for five years is $93: 1 year: $26. 2 years: $43. But the cost may vary with time. 

Q. Can I drive in Canada with a Pakistani license?

Answer: Yes! You are allowed to drive in Canada with a Pakistani license. But it is strongly recommended that you get an international driving permit in your home country. 

Q. Can I get an Alberta license on a visitor visa?

Answer: No! People like students, visitors, and Canadians working temporarily from other provinces need help getting it as they are not living permanently. 

Q. Can I drive in Alberta as an international student?

Answer: Yes! International students studying in Alberta can drive if they have their foreign driver’s license until its validity. 

Q. What is a G2 license in Alberta?

Answer: After the basic G1 license, the G2 license is the second stage of graduated licensing. You must practice G2 for 12 months to get a full G license.  

Q. What is a Class 7 license in Alberta?

Answer: If you get a class 7 learner’s license, you can drive a class 5 or 6 vehicle. You should drive with someone over 18, and are not allowed to drive between 12 am to 5 am. 

Q. How much is a road test in Alberta?

Answer: The cost of a road test in Alberta varies depending on the type of test, like: 



Class of road test


Class 1 $217
Class 2 $167
Class 3 $155


Q. What are the new Alberta driving rules?

Answer: The new rule of Alberta driving is that drivers must slow down when passing all road workers. This rule applies only to the closest lane of traffic. 

Q. What are the new driving laws in Alberta in 2023?

Answer: When passing any roadside workers with their lights on, drivers must slow down to the 60 km/h speed limit.

Q. What is a Class 4 license in Alberta?

Answer: A Class 4 license permits you to drive professional and commercial vehicles, including taxis, ride-share cars, limousines, small buses, and ambulances.

Q. How many mistakes are allowed on driving tests in Alberta?

Answer: Each error you make will add points to your total; you might be scored three times for each point error. If you receive more than 75 points, you will immediately fail.

Q. What is a Class 6 license in Alberta?

Answer: A Class 6 license will permit you to operate a motorcycle or bicycle.

Q. What is GDL in Alberta?

Answer: The Graduated Driver Licensing Program guarantees that new drivers of any age are required to accomplish the demanding task of driving.

Q. How do I pass my road test in Alberta?

Answer: Several points are related to passing or failing a road test in Alberta, like:

  • Learn how to read the signs
  • Maintain lane
  • Shoulder check
  • Check mirrors
  • Maintain Speed
  • Space management
  • Hands-on the wheels
  • Be confident
  • Practice parking
  • Keep an eye out for the characters and traffic lights

Q. What is a Class D license in Alberta?

Answer: A class D liquor license sells liquor that people will consume in another location.

Q. Can I drive in Ontario with an Alberta license?

Answer: Yes! For the first 60 days after moving to Ontario, you can use a valid license from another province or nation. After 60 days, you must obtain an Ontario driver’s license.

Q. Can I drive in BC with an Alberta license?

Answer: If you have a valid driver’s license from somewhere other than British Columbia, you can keep it for 90 days. 

Q. What is proof of residency in Alberta?

Answer: Utility bills and bank or credit card statements with an Alberta address may be presented on paper or online. A home rental agreement and financial paperwork are all examples of legal documents.

Q. Which countries accept Canadian driving licenses?

Answer: You can drive anywhere in the world with our Canadian driver’s license. Many nations, however, require you to produce it together with an International Driving Permit (IDP). 

Q. How do I become a resident of Alberta?

Answer: Applicants must have an Express Entry profile that is active. A minimum of one year of work experience in an occupation that contributes to Alberta’s plans. A CRS of 300 or above, and each module must have an IELTS score of 6 or above.

Q. How many hours can you drive in Alberta?

Answer: A driver cannot drive for more than 13 hours in 24 hours, known as a “day.” Before driving again, the driver must take at least 8 hours of uninterrupted rest.