how to defog windshield

Best 5 Tips How to Defog Windshield

Regardless of your environment, you often keep the temperature comfortable inside your vehicle. This might mean fighting hazy or foggy windows. So the next question is how to defog the windshield. If you live in an environment with cold weather, you often use the heater to remain warm in your vehicle. 

Fog can appear when the temperature inside the vehicle is different from outside. This temperature difference can cause moisture to condense inside the windshield, creating a foggy haze.

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Why fog windshields in cold weather?

Fog is a common issue in colder weather. Foggy windshields can be dangerous as they significantly decrease visibility. It can lead to accidents. A hazed-up windshield is relatively easy to rectify with proper settings. So, it’s important to ensure that your windows are clear no matter the weather.

Reasons for Fogging on Windshields

  • The main reason for the foggy windshield is the humidity inside the car. The air can’t escape when the humidity is high, and the outside temperature is low. This results in an increase in the moisture inside the car, which results in a foggy windshield.
  • It’s also possible to have a foggy windshield if the car is parked in a humid area. It can happen near a river or in a coastal area. The environmental moisture can condense the windshield even if the car is parked.
  • Temperature differences can also cause foggy windshields. This can happen when the temperature inside is warmer than outside.
  • Insufficient ventilation can trap moisture inside the car. This will make it more likely for the fog to form on the windshield.
  • Some other factors can also contribute to a foggy windshield. This may include leaks in the vehicle and a dirty or contaminated windshield. A dirty or contaminated windshield can make it harder to see through.

Five ways how to defog inside windshield

Clear windows are necessary to drive securely. Yet it tends to be difficult to prevent foggy windshields. The foggy windshields are due to the moisture in the vehicle. The objective is to eliminate that moisture. Windshield defogging is also important to prevent any accidents. Here are some of the ways to defog windshield in cold weather: 

  • Turn on the heater: Turning on the defroster or heater can remove moisture from the air inside the vehicle. This can help to clear up a foggy windshield.
  • Turn the AC on: Using the air conditioning (AC) in your car can help to remove moisture from the air inside the vehicle.
  • Open the Windows: Allowing fresh air into the car can help reduce the amount of moisture in the air. This can help in preventing foggy windshields.
  • Turn off the Recirculation button: You must turn off the recirculation button if it’s on. Let the fresh air enter the car. The fresh air will help in absorbing the moisture in the car. 
  • Use a windshield-specific anti-fog product: These are available in liquid or spray form. They are designed to help keep your windshield clear and free from fogging.


A person should know how to defog the windshield. Some ways are given above that can help in defogging. But It’s important to note that only some methods suit all weather conditions. It depends on the humidity and temperature of the weather you’re experiencing at the moment. So It’s good to know about multiple methods.

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