Pleasure Craft Operator Card

Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)

Do you want to enjoy a journey that is filled with adventures and unforgettable experiences on the water? Well then, look no further! The Canada Pleasure Craft Operator Card is your ticket to the exciting world of boating. No one wants to sit on the shore; those days are gone. Now you can freely enjoy the waves in the sea.

Boating is a fun activity that everyone enjoys, and depending on the level of difficulty you can handle, different types of courses are available. This Canada boating safety course ranges from basic to advanced levels like coastal navigation, anchoring, and docking. The given article has everything you need to know about how to get a pleasure craft.

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What’s A Pleasure Craft Operator Card?

The pleasure craft operator card (PCOC) is proof of basic competency that gives the permit to drive a boat. If you want to become a confident boater, then this is the initial step that you have to take. The pleasure craft operator Card Ontario will ensure not only endless fun but also safety for you and your passengers. If an applicant wants to drive a power-driven vessel of any size in Canada, then he needs to pass the boating safety test and get a permit. Even if a vessel has a motor that is not functional, the boat operator still needs the permit.

How To Get A Pleasure Craft Card?

For operating a motorized boat, you need a pleasure craft card, and for that purpose, you need to know the process. With your Pleasure Craft Card in hand, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to captain your own vessel. You need to follow the given steps to obtain your card.

  • The first thing you need to do to get the card is to enroll in an online course. 
  • The course requires a fee as well that may range from $21 and $70. Passing the test at the end of the course with an acceptable score is a must requirement. 
  • Training and testing for the craft card are available through Transport Canada accredited course providers. 
  • So for this, you also need to look for suitable transport Canada approved providers that are near to you.
  • After successful completion of your test, you will get your temporary license. Your original document license will be delivered to you in 3 to 5 days through the post.
  • With the Pleasure Craft Operator Card, applicants are allowed to sail across Canada without any issue.

Eligibility Criteria 

  • The eligibility criteria for operating a boat in Canada are as follows:
  • If the applicant is under the age of 12, then they can operate a boat up to 7.5 kW
  • Applicants aged 16 are allowed to operate a boat up to 30kW
  • Above the age of 16, there are no horsepower restrictions.

What is in the Course?

This course covers many topics like safety equipment requirements, the Canadian Bouy system, how to share waterways, how to react in an emergency, and a review of all the important pertinent regulations are also discussed.

To Replace PCOC

For the replacement of pleasure craft operator card you need to contact the course provider who issued the card. Even if your card is damaged the course providers will help you. But do remember that they charge a fee for it. So you have to pay the necessary charges.

Transport Canada Will Help You If:

  • In case you forgot the name of your original pleasure craft licensed provider.  
  • The provider is no longer in business. 
  • Or in case the Transport Canada boating safety provider is suspended due to any reason.
  • You can also call the Boating Safety Infoline. From there, an agent will look up your name in the national database of cardholders. He will further tell you what you need to do next.

Regulations of PCOC For Non Residents

Do you know when the regulations for pleasure craft operator cards will implement for you? For non-residents, there are some regulations. Let me explain these in simple words if you operate a pleasure craft in the waves for more than 44 consecutive days. Also, if you operate a pleasure craft that is registered in Canada, even if it’s rented, then the regulations will apply to you.

Proof of Competency For Non Residents

For non-residents, the following documents are accepted as proof of competency:

  • A Pleasure Craft Operator Card
  • A completed boat rental safety checklist is required.
  • Operator card or any equivalent which meets the requirements of the country.


To conclude, a Pleasure craft operator card is a necessary document if you want to legally operate a boat in Canada. The card is basically proof that shows that the driver has the necessary capabilities and knowledge to operate a boat. It’s necessary for the boaters safety as well as the safety of other passengers.

To get the card, the applicant has to take a boating safety course. The course mainly involves navigation rules, safety equipment, right-of-way regulations, and more. So what’s the wait for? Join us today and get ready for some adventure on the water.  

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