How to Drive Safely at Night in Canada

How to Drive Safely in Canada

Do you think that driving at night is safe and easy as there is less traffic? Well then you are wrong. The National Safety Council says that driving at night increases the accident death rates up to three times.

Although most of the driving is done at day time, it has been reported that about 40 to 50% of accidents occur at night time. But don’t you worry, this article will cover the tips that will help you how to drive safely at night. 

Driving at night is not easy. Even pro drivers who don’t have eyesight issues or night blindness are not that confident to drive in canada at night. Along with this animals are also more active at night.

You will have no idea that at what time an animal might come in front of your car. So you need to be careful. However some tips are explained in this article that will help you to drive safely at night.

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Tips How To Drive Safely At Night?

Tips How To Drive Safely

Driving at night can be more dangerous. However, following are some of the tips for driving long distances at night:

1. Use Of Headlights

Use of headlights is necessary to avoid the risk of accidents. These light nights are mandatory especially in rural areas. You need to turn on your headlights a little before sunrise and sunset. This will help you make visible to the nearby drivers. 

Also during bad weather conditions like weather storms, it is advised to turn the headlights on. As it gets dark during such weather. Use high beams or bright light on open roads. Along with this in some states it is against the law to drive with headlights off in dark. So it’s a good idea to check your headlights and taillights oftenly to avoid any kind of problem.

2. Maintain A Safe Distance

Drivers always need to maintain a safe distance whether they are driving during the day or whether at night. As visibility is decreased it’s a better idea to maintain  a safe distance. This will help you in case of any emergency and you can react according to your surroundings.

Remember! It’s better to be a little late than to be sorry. Take certain steps and precautions to avoid any collisions. Avoid driving at night but if you have to drive then stay alert and take necessary measures. 

3. Drive Slowly

It’s always necessary for the drivers to remain within the speed limit and drive carefully. But at night drivers need to be more cautious and drive slowly. As at night reaction times are delayed and visibility is decreased. 

It’s a little difficult to see oncoming traffic and you might not have the time to react and avoid the traffic. It’s natural to have the difficulty to react to hazards or even the traffic signals. A basic and good rule for night driving is “The posted speed limit is the highest speed that’s legal, not the highest speed that’s safe”. 

4. Defensive Driving 

Defensive driving helps to avoid the likelihood of collisions. Basically defensive driving involves staying alert of hazards and taking precautions. A defensive driver is the one who is always cautious and obeys all the rules and regulations of the road.

Especially during night it’s necessary to be a defensive driver. Defensive driving is the safest way to drive at night. It’s a skill that can increase the safety of drivers as well as others. So try to drive safely at night and be a defensive driver.

4. Aware Of Tired And Drunk Drivers

It has been reported that fatal accidents due to alcohol consumption are four times higher at night than at day. Statistically there are more accidents at night due to many factors. And drunk and tired drivers are one of them. 

Drowsy driving is a serious issue. Especially during weekends or holidays the risk of alcoholic drivers is doubled. These drivers are not only dangerous for themselves but also for others.

While driving you need to be cautious of them. If you do think that the nearby driver is drunk then maintain a distance and call 911.

5. Aware Of Your Surroundings

Distractions are one of the biggest reasons that can cause collisions. Spacing out while driving can be fatal. Driving while using Mobile phones can be dangerous. These are the biggest distractions of the new generation. Either they are on call or texting, most of the time mobile is in their hand. 

According to statistics about 13% of accidents occur due to distracted driving. However, mobiles are not the only distraction these days. Eating while driving, talking to your friends, for girls fixing makeup, these can also lead to accidents or a severe injury.

We do agree that accidents can happen at any second but taking precautions and paying attention can save you.


The above discussion has summarized how to drive safely at night. Driving is a big responsibility that everyone needs to take seriously. You need to be cautious while driving, not only for your own safety but also for others. Especially during the night, be more careful.

It is also advised for the pedestrians to stay on the side of the road. Hopefully, the above driving at night tips will be helpful for you during your journey. Have a safe drive everyone!

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