What To Do If You Fail Your Driving Test

Most people who take their driving test are nervous. It’s scary to put yourself in a situation where you’re judged on your driving ability, especially when driving for the first time. It’s even more nerve-wracking when you fail the test.
Before your driving test, you’ll have practiced twice or more with a driving instructor and take an aptitude test that includes more questions about road signs, safety, and handling situations. If you fail, it could lead to you failing the test. Don’t let it get to you!

Effective Tips To Help You Out If You Fail Your Driving Test

If you fail your driving test, it’s normal to feel down about it. But don’t worry; there are plenty of things you can do to help yourself get back on track. Here are some tips to help you prepare for your next test:

Give yourself a break

A failed driving test can be pretty stressful and upsetting. You may find that you’re not in the right frame of mind to sit for another test straight away, so give yourself some time off before you book another one. That way, you’ll have time to relax and regroup before taking another shot at passing your driving test.

Get back behind the wheel.

If you’ve been practicing with an instructor or parent, now is the time to start getting back behind the wheel on your own. Not only will this make you feel more confident as a driver, but it’ll also allow you to practice what you’ve learned during lessons until it becomes second nature, which will help prepare you for another test!

Do use Theory Test Pro.

One of the best practices is using an online theory test app such as Theory Test Pro. This will help you get used to taking tests on a computer screen without traveling or paying for an exam center. It also allows you to take mock exams to find out exactly where your strengths and weaknesses lie to improve them before your next attempt at passing your practical test.

Get lots of extra practice.

You might think that after failing once, there’s no point in trying again too soon – but it’s essential to get plenty of practice in as soon as possible after your first attempt so that any mistakes made during your test aren’t repeated when you try again. The best way to do this is with a friend who has already passed their test and can take control at specific points during your practice session to show you what they did wrong when they came across them themselves. Practice makes perfect!

Don’t fear the second test.

If you fail your driving test, don’t panic. It happens to everyone, even experienced drivers. Take a few days off and get some rest. Then go back to your instructor and ask them if they can help you prepare for the next test. The examiner will give you feedback on where you went wrong and how to improve your driving skills. They will also help you with any mistakes you made during your attempt at the test. When you return for your second try, don’t be afraid of failing again; just keep practicing until you pass!

Do listen to your examiner.

Your examiner is an expert in driving tests, so they know what they’re talking about! If they say something that sounds weird or confusing, ask them for an explanation before continuing with your test.


If you fail your driving test first, don’t let it get you down. Some valuable tips in the post above can help you prepare better and pass the next time. You may have read some of these tips or are already aware of them, but re-reading a few never hurts. Some of these tips might help you pass the test or make things easier if this happens again.