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Digital Curriculum

Learn to drive safely

Beginner Driver Education Online Classroom

G Class is proud to offer students our newest driver education online classroom program. Our program is a digital curriculum approved by the MTO with a unique visual and interactive approach to enhance student learning. It is designed to enrich the classroom driving instructor’s teaching strategies. The classroom course is presented through a PowerPoint presentation that uses graphics, animations, sounds, interactions and games to engage student involvement.

The course evaluation strategies are part of the PowerPoint presentation. Each student has a professionally designed workbook to help student connect with information and activities within the course.

Professionally designed curriculum

An approved BDE course in PowerPoint with an integrated student workbook and a newly approved BDE Learning course with highly interactive content.

Animated graphics

Individual slides containing animations with moving vehicles, pedestrians and changing traffic signal in a variety of driving environments in Ontario.

Learner-centred approach material

Each course has many self-directed activities which integrated personal experiences; students learn from their mistakes as they participate in various critical thinking exercises

Real life driving situations incorporated into the courses

The presentation slides use true to life driving experiences which challenge students to select, match, analyze, predict and decide on different driving outcomes.

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